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allergy friendly options

Living with lactose intolerance has made me more aware of allergies and I am happy to accommodate. I have researched and tested many options and pay close attention to all ingredients. I want everyone to have their cake and eat it too!

See below for allergy friendly options from Callie K Cupcakes.

We are a fully nut free commercial facility.


Almost all items on the menus can be made lactose free. Browse through and make your choice, then let us know that you need it to be LACTOSE FREE!


Need something to be dairy free, we can substitute with a milk alternative to accommodate, then most items on the menu are yours to enjoy!

When ordering, let us know it needs to be



There are vegan friendly cupcakes available!

Many of the delicious cupcake options can be prepared for vegans. There is even a menu to make ordering easy or just shoot us a message to see if we can make it vegan.


There are gluten friendly cupcakes available!

 There is gluten friendly menu to make ordering easy.

All items are baked in a nut free commercial kitchen - free from peanuts and tree nuts.

Please note the following with regards to other allergens: I pay close attention to ingredients and I do my best to avoid cross contamination of items, but items are baked in a shared kitchen, where lactose, dairy, gluten and non-vegan items are also prepared.

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